How many summer vacations do you have left with your kids before they graduate?

Seriously, have you ever stopped to calculate? Have you stopped to think that when your baby hits kindergarten age, you only have TWELVE (12) summers left before they reach adulthood and head off on their own?

If you’re anything like me, that realization just hit you like a ton of bricks.

  • Twelve summers to make amazing memories with your kids.
  • Twelve summers to plan intentional, meaningful family time.
  • Twelve summers to travel and adventure and explore all TOGETHER.

How do you want to spend your kids’ twelve summers? 

Can you see your family going on an epic African Safari? Getting into the safari vehicle and driving through the Serengeti. Watching a herd of zebras rolling in the dirt playing with one another, catching a glimpse of hippos swimming in the rivers, and quietly watching a family of lions basking in the sun. Maybe you are waiting for the perfect time to take your kids to Disney for the first time. Can you picture their little faces seeing Mickey in real life? What about watching them spin themselves silly on the Tea Cup ride, or screaming withe sheer excitement when going down Splash Mountain?

I bet you can picture all of this. But then reality sets in and you’re stuck asking the question: how can people go on such amazing vacations, how do they plan for them and then execute that plan, and how do they save enough money for them?

I see your wheels turning. You’re thinking: how can our family go on epic vacations and not go into crazy debt? (Because sure, we could do anything if money was no object).

How can we actually make this a reality for our family, instead of just a pipedream?

I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed with the realization of running out of time, but not knowing where on earth you’re going to find the extra time to plan an epic family adventure. I know what it’s like to want it to happen but not having the time or money or other resources to get you there. And I know how that stress can add up and make it feel so impossible.

That’s why we created the Dream  Achiever Vacation Planning Tool.

 So what is the Vacation Planning Tool exactly? Well, for lack of a better, more glamorous word: it’s a spreadsheet! So all of you numbers people can start rejoicing, but before the rest of you freak out and go “no way, this is not for me,” let me tell you right now that it’s way more than a spreadsheet AND it’s the easiest spreadsheet you’ll ever use, all at the same time. 

The Dream Achiever: Vacation Planning Tool is a step-by-step course complete with 5 videos to walk you through how to plan your dream vacation, plus a ready-for-you spreadsheet you can plug in important dates, the money details, and turn “I wish” into “this is happening!”

Here are the topics included in the video course:

  • Watch the Overview of the tool and get a feel for how it will work for you
  • Enter your families birthdays and be strategic with your vacation plans
  • Enter your existing vacation plans and create your personalized plan to do it debt free
  • Enter your dream vacations: and discover how you will turn that dream into a reality
  • Review and Celebrate: and notice how far you’ve come!

As you can see it’s more than a vague step-by-step, this dynamic tool will walk you through the entire process to set you up for vacation success and get you on the speed track to achieving your dream vacations. It turns a huge goal into doable bit-sized tasks.

If you can’t imagine spending ten grand ($10,000) on an epic vacation but yet that’s what you really want to do as a family, the planning tool will turn from an impossible dream into something that you can make happen, month by month, starting right now.

This tool will take you from “where on earth do we start?” to “oh my gosh, this is actually happening!”

These vacations will no longer be just a dream--with the Dream Achiever – Vacation Planning Tool, you will have a concrete plan to make it a reality for your family. You’ll have a plan for making the money be there, planning around important dates as a family… so you can start planning now for amazing events like 10 year anniversaries and 18th birthdays --and by intentionally listing what is important to your family in a dream vacation, you’ll know what you need to do to make it happen.

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Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Vacation Planning Tool

    • 1. OVERVIEW: Start Here!

    • 2. SIGNIFICANT DATES: Enter family birthdays to be strategic with your vacation plans

    • 3. Enter Existing Vacations (& be debt free)

    • 4. Enter Your Dream Vacations: & How to make them a Reality

    • 5. What You Have Achieved!

    • Download Resource: Excel File (Vacation Planning Tool)

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About the instructor

Podcast Host of Mom Inspired Show

Amber Sandberg

Amber Sandberg lives in the suburbs of Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and her two young daughters. Amber loves hanging out with her family, planning and going on vacations, anything turquoise.